The Trifecta

Complete the trifecta for your chance to win one thousand dollars in moorage. Stay at any 3 Mill Bay Marine Group properties (including MK Bay Marina) to be entered in the draw.  The contest runs between March 31st 2018 and September 30th 2018.  Receive a ballot at your first destination and enter it at your last. Winner will be announced the first week of October.


Boat launch

Daily boat launch ( in and out)    $20.00
Commercial use of the ramp      $50.00
Annual boat launch &
annual truck & trailer parking     $350.00

(Effective April 1st and expires March 31st)

Non trailered crafts - canoe, kayak etc. Free


Truck and trailer                          $10.00 Daily
Truck and trailer                          $100.00 Monthly
Truck and trailer commercial      $15.00 Daily
Truck and trailer commercial     $150.00 Monthly
Single vehicle or single trailer    $5.00 Daily
Single vehicle or single trailer    $50.00 Monthly
Single vehicle or single trailer    $250.00 Annual
Boat while on MK trailer              $25.00 Daily


Daily                                     $22.00 (No power or services avail.)
Monthly                                $330.00 (No power or services avail.)
Annual (not available)



Guest house for rent

Fully furnished and fully renovated unit   Sleeps up to 8 people comfortably.

Rates - $165/night up to 4 people.  Each additional person is $35/night

Parking and WiFi included

Haul outs

In and out    $375.00 For 25ft plus $10.00 For each addl. foot
One way haul    $275.00 For 25ft plus $10.00 For each addl. foot

Fees are applicable to commercial haulers and any exception requires marina management approval.

Other services

Commercial touch fee                $25.00 Minimum or as arranged
Boat painting up to 32'               $1000.00                                      Boat painting over 32'                $1500.00                                Pressure wash up to 32'             $150.00                                        Pressure wash over 32'              $300.00
Pressure washer rental               $50.00 per day

MK Labour $50.00 per hour / MK Loader $80.00 per hour / Loader Operator $80.00 per hour

Fishing license transaction fee      $5.00                                        Fishing license replacement fee    $2.50                                        Misc. printing                                   $1.00 per page 

Land storage  

Land storage on your trailer

Daily                                             $15.00
Monthly, May to Sept                  $225.00 Per month summer
Monthly, October to April           $125.00 Per month winter

Land storage on blockings

Daily use of blocking                   $10.00 (4 blockings)
Monthly use of blockings           $25.00 (4 blockings)

(Free land storage for annual moorage users only, haul-outs, power & blockings are not included)


Our store is fully stocked for fishing and complete boating supplies, contact us at to see if we have what you need.