Boat Launch

Daily boat launch & parking ( in and out)

Boat Launch Only

Commercial use of the ramp 

Commercial Ramp Use

Annual boat launch & annual truck & trailer parking

Non trailered crafts - canoe, kayak etc.







*Effective April 1st and expires March 31st



Truck and trailer

Truck and trailer

Single vehicle or single trailer

Single vehicle or single trailer

Boat while on MK trailer

$10.00 Daily

$100.00 Monthly

$5.00 Daily

$50.00 Monthly

$25.00 Daily


Haul Outs

In and out

One way haul

$375.00 For 25ft plus $10.00 For each addl. foot

$275.00 For 25ft plus $10.00 For each addl. foot

Fees are applicable to commercial haulers and any exception requires marina management approval.








Camping Power




Other Services


Commercial touch fee

Commercial Power

Boat painting up to 32'

Boat painting over 32'

Pressure wash up to 32'

Pressure wash over 32'

Pressure washer rental

MK Labour

MK Loader & Operator

Fishing license transaction fee

Fishing license replacement fee

Misc. printing      

$25.00 Minimum or as arranged






$50.00 per day

$50.00 per hour

$160.00 per hour (1 hour minimum charge)



$1.00 per page


Dry Land Boat Storage


Recreational Monthly, May to Sept

Recreational Monthly, October to April

$15.00 Daily

$225.00 Monthly, May to Sept

$125.00 Monthly, October to April

Land Storage (Blockings)

Daily use of blocking

Monthly use of blockings

$10.00 (4 blockings)

$25.00 (4 blockings)

(Free land storage for annual moorage users only, haul-outs, power & blockings are not included)

Commercial Land Storage

Commercial Daily $150.00/day

Storage Space up to 53’ $600.00/month

Office Space up to 40’ $600.00/month

Snow Removal* $200.00/month

Parking (3 vehicles)** $150.00/month

*Snow removal is for parking & roadways. Office entrance/stairs/decks/roofs not included.

** Additional commercial parking is available if required.




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