Since our purchase of the MK Bay Marina in March 2015, we have been repairing, cleaning, streamlining, organizing and planning. We are now proud to share our Phase 1 Improvement plans, as illustrated below.

Features include:

  •  Installing a floating breakwater to protect from incoming waves (completion Spring 2016)
  • Increasing the moorage from 130 slips to 180 slips (planned completion for 2016 season)
  • Repairing, renovating or replacing all docks and fingers as necessary
  • Improving the power distribution on the docks
  • Construction and installation of an onsite fish processing plant (planned completion for 2016 season)
  •  Improvements to the onsite campground
  • Improvements to the dry land storage.



Conceptual Rendering

The improvements to marina will provide a better, bigger and safer marina to enjoy this beautiful area from. The fish processing plant will be a game changer and allow you to have your sport caught fish processed, vacuum packed and frozen on site, allowing you to get your daily catch home fresher and safer with less work than ever before. Improvements to the dry land storage area will allow for a safer and more convenient experience for boat owners and trades alike. While improving our facility, we are also laying out a number of utility improvements in preparation for further long term improvements.

We look forward to welcoming you to a bright and bold new marine future here in beautiful Kitimat BC.